Uterine Cancer Cure

What is uterine cancer cure?

There are various ways to treat cancer, such as radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. However, there is also the traditional way that can be used such as acupuncture and the use of herbs and foods that have nutrients that are needed by cancer patients including uterine cancer. For those who have not yet made the surgery and are at an early stage of cancer can be tried acupuncture and herbal treatments. There are many patients who get good news as a result of treatment. The Tole acupuncture is one of the herbs and acupuncture treatment center that is not only well known in Malaysia but also abroad. This treatment center is run by a master in herbalist and acupuncturist, namely Dato Master Leong. For more information click The Tole.

Herbal Medicine Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine is treats patients main complaints or the patterns of their symptoms rather than the underlying causes. Chinese herbal medicine uses a variety of herbs such as astralagus, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea and snake grass in different combination to restore balance to the body. Herbal blends to prevent and treat hormone disturbance, infection, breathing disorders and a vast number of other ailments and diseases. There is some evidence from randomized clinical trials that some Chinese herb may contribute to longer survival rates, reduction of sides effects, and lower risk of recurrence for some types of cancer.

Besides all the common treatment such as surgery or radiation, uterine cancer patient can try Acupuncture and Herbal treatment as an alternative or complementary treatment. Chinese master from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is famous for acupuncture and herbal treatment. As the fourth generation Chinese Master of acupuncture and herbal treatment lineage he inherited more than a hundred years old Chinese Medicine Treatment Ancestral Formula. Chinese master may help patients to cure or speed up the healing process. Many of his patients travel to Malaysia to seek for his treatment. This is because he has receive a very good feedback so his patients will also refers him to the people they know.

Apricot Seed Vitamin B17

Apricot kernal is one of the cures for cancer, including cancer of the uterus. This is because the apricot seeds have high nutritional value compared to other grains, especially organic apricots. In scientific term apricot kernels is known as amigdalin that contain vitamin B17. B17 can help kill cancer cells in our body, a result can we liberate ourselves from this vicious diseases (cancer). Amigdalin (Vitamin B17) can be obtained in hundreds of varieties of plants. In our diet should be B17. in the absence of B17 in your diet can impending cancer. Apart from B17 Apricot kernels can also be obtained from bitter almonds (amigdalin (taste bitter – sweet almonds do not contain B17), apple pips, grape seeds, senkuang, berries, beets, beans orange and other seeds.



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